Wednesday, March 25, 2015

5 useful small things to bring on your next trip

When you head on holiday, you’ll need to bring a few things with you. Why? Because if you’re going abroad, things you have at home won’t be there.

We won’t ask you to pack the kitchen sink, just the essential. And by essential we mean small and light enough to put in your bag, but still vital when traveling.

Here are five travelers’ items that we highly recommend.

Travel scale luggage weigh

If you’re traveling by air, you must know what the standard checked baggage allowance is.

On the outbound trip, you can easily weigh your bag at home. But when heading home, chances are your bag will be stuffed full of souvenirs and damp laundry.

You might think that your luggage is still within the limit, but you could be wrong.

The easiest way to weigh is by carrying a portable weighing scale. With a size smaller than the palm of your hand, you can easily toss this inside your bag or pocket.

There are many choices available, with different weighing capacities. Whichever you choose, make sure to test it out by comparing the results with other scales.

Luggage locks or straps

Whether you are going to the US, Canada, Asia or somewhere in Europe, it is advisable to use specific luggage locks for your bags. These locks are also known as TSA locks or TSA-approved locks.

However, TSA is part of the US Department of Homeland Security, and the regulations might be different in other countries. So there will always be a chance that you will be asked to open your bags, even if you do use TSA locks.

But just to be safe, it’s always best to use locks or straps with a Safe Skies or Travel Sentry logo, since both of these are TSA-approved. The most convenient option is to use a bag already equipped with a Safe Skies or Travel Sentry logo on its lock.

Portable washer

A new device named Dolfi is said to be the next generation of washing machines aimed at travelers. This little device is hardly bigger than a bar of soap, but very effective at washing your clothes, especially your delicates. You just need a small container to put water and clothes in - a wash basin will do - and put the device in it along with detergent.

The technology behind it isn’t magic, because Dolfi uses ultrasonic technology that has been used on a larger scale, but now in a compact environment. With this, you won’t need to bring extra clothing or pay expensive laundry charges at hotels. You won’t even need to hand-wash your clothes because, after one hour, your clothes will be fresh and clean.

Unfortunately, you will need to wait - at least - until August 2015 to get your hands on one, since the device is part of a crowdfunding project.

Lint remover

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, you will always want to look sharp. But when packing clothes in a bag, you tend to mix all kinds of fabrics together. The end result is that some clothes will be full of fur or strings. This is where a lint remover or lint roller comes in handy.

And since you will be using it only a couple of times, a small one will do.

Universal charger adapter

Most three-star and up hotels already have - at least - one international electric wall socket. But one won’t be enough to charge your phone, camera and other gadgets you’ve brought.

This type of adapter is easy to find and is sold in every airport or gift shop in major cities, but why risk it if you can bring one from home?

Sunday, February 22, 2015


As the city of Bandung has now grown into a more and more attractive tourist and business destination, Garuda Indonesia recently launched its daily direct Batam-Bandung flights which started Friday, 19 December 2014.

Garuda VP Domestic Region 2, Nicodemus P. Lampe, stated that with these direct flights, linking two of Indonesia’s economically important growth cities, businessmen and tourists from Batam may now fly direct to Bandung without having to fly to Jakarta first, before driving three hours to Bandung.

From Bandung they can also connect directly with flights to Surabaya and Bali.

On the other hand, Bandung residents may now fly directly to Batam without having to drive to Jakarta first to catch the flight. From Batam, passengers may then easily take the ferry to Singapore and Johore, Malaysia.

On the same day, Garuda also launched its Batam - Surabaya, East Java, and Surabaya- Manado(North Sulawesi) direct flight routes.

The new routes are Garuda's commitment to boost inter-island connectivity throughout this vast archipelago, so that through tighter domestic networks the airline helps boost regional economies, business and tourism.

Meanwhile the LCC Malindo Air also launched its flights from Malaysia's Kuala Lumpur airport to Bandung, capital of West Java on 19 December.

Chandran Rama Murthy of Malindo Air said that demand from Malaysia to visit Bandung has risen significantly as Bandung has become a preferred holiday destination for Malaysians(Source: Bisnis Indonesia)

Monday, February 9, 2015

Topotels opens new hotel near Bandung’s Jl. Riau

Local hotel management company Topotels has strengthened its presence in Bandung with the opening of its Ivory hotel last December.

Prior to the Ivory, the company opened hotels under its Vio hotels brand in the city’s busy areas of Cihampelas, Veteran and Westhoff.

Managed by the Ayola brand of Topotels, the so-called Ivory by Ayola Hotel is a non-standardized three-star hotel; a more luxurious option compared to the lower-priced Vio hotels.

The 59-room Ivory is also located in a prime area of Bandung, within walking distance to the city’s famous Jl. Riau, which is known for its unique shops and factory outlets.

The street on which the hotel stands, Jl. Bahureksa, is also home to various coffee shops and diners. At night, the Ivory is packed with people hanging out at the Morning Glory coffee shop located on the ground floor of the hotel. The coffee shop also serves as a breakfast venue for hotel guests.

The hotel’s promotional rate starts at Rp 432,000 (US$34.25) per night and is available until the end of March.