Friday, June 27, 2014

Five cool restaurants for Sunday brunch in Bandung

With Bandung's endless list of eateries, it’s difficult to pick which ones to hit on your weekend break in town.

No worries. The Jakarta Post Travel has picked five great places to go for a fun Sunday brunch in Bandung, each with its own niche.

Miss Bee Providore

Situated around the Ciumbuleuit area at Jl. Rancabentang No. 11a, this newly opened restaurant is where you should go for a posh and happening brunch atmosphere for the whole family. With the buzz of the new restaurant, expect long lines.

Miss Bee Providore occupies a large old house from the colonial era that has been renovated to feel rustic and homey yet modern and chic.

The restaurant also features two children's playgrounds that will make both parents and children happy; a glass house where the open beverage bar is located; a small store selling cookies, lemonade and an array of well-designed home living items; and a quite large front yard.

The glass house and the al fresco dine-in spots are perfect for those wishing to dine overlooking the yard -- though it can be pretty hot during day time.

Miss Bee Providore offers mostly Western dishes with a few fusion Asian foods. Its recommended dishes include the "Bee Favorite" of Feeling O'Fish Sandwich (priced at Rp 59,500), which is basically a battered fish burger with tangy tartar sauce and lettuce; battered and crispy fried Portobello mushroom (Rp 44,500); a classic fish and chips (Rp 54,500); and a milkshake topped with KitKat called Kitty Kat (Rp 39,500).

The restaurant is open daily from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. Do book prior to your visit to cut your waiting time.

Bumi Sangkuriang

Located at Jl. Kiputih No. 12, this restaurant has a long history as a place for relaxation during the colonial era. In the past, it had a club house for preanger planters (a term used for plantation owners) to take it easy during weekends.

Occupying a vast site that includes a small forest and a wide green field, Bumi Sangkuriang has a children's playground, outdoor pool and pool bar in addition to its restaurant. In short, it's a perfect place to spend the weekend brunching while taking a dip in the pool or letting the children wander freely on the field.

Its palatable choices of Indonesian and Western dishes such as nasi goreng (fried rice), bitterballen, fresh fruit juices and various steaks means you will have plenty of options to pick for brunch. And, best of all, the prices are quite affordable, starting from Rp 31,000 (US$2.59) for its famous Nasi Goreng Bumi Sangkuriang.

The restaurant opens as early as 7 a.m.

Little Subway

Last April, Little Subway at Jl. Maulana Yusuf No. 2 launched a series of Scandinavian fusion dishes, such as gravadlax and fermented herring called surstromming that are quite unique options for your Sunday brunch.

During the restaurant’s grand opening, guests were invited to sample the grilled sandwich with egg, oysters and cheese, squid with beetroot puree and a really delicious orange cake for dessert.

Other than Scandinavian fusion dishes, Little Subway also offers a variety of Indonesian and Western dishes that are quite nice too.

As for the venue, its semi-lounge concept is also attractive with a casual but cool and happening ambiance that makes for a perfect lazy and relaxing late brunch accompanied with a bottle of cold beer.

Mom's Bakery

Located at Jl. Progo No. 18, Mom’s Bakery makes its own array of healthy breads and cakes without any preservatives.

It is the place to go for gluten free sandwiches paired with a nice cup of tea or coffee. The price for a sandwich starts at Rp 35,000 and customers can choose their own preference of bread, the filling vegetables as well as the sauces or the dressing.

For newcomers, popular items include smoked salmon sandwich (priced at Rp 58,500), cheese whole grain bread (Rp 8,500), almond croissant (Rp 27,500) and guilt-free baked whole grain pita chips.

What's also great about Mom's Bakery is that when you order a beverage, it will come with an adorable mini cupcake.

Since the dine-in space at Mom's Bakery is rather limited, it is a good idea to come after breakfast or lunch hour.

Rasa Bakery

Rasa Bakery is one of Bandung's legendary bakeries that has been around for decades. A typical scene in this eatery is families coming in large groups containing three generations – all looking to savor its lasting delicacies.

Other than being famous for its bread, Rasa Bakery is also known for their delicious ice cream and an array of dine-in dishes from Indonesian to fusion Western, Japanese and Chinese.

Among its favorite dishes are various styles of fried rice, laksa, lontong kari (chicken in coconut soup served with rice cake and crackers), kerupuk oncom (crackers served with oncom sambal), Es Cincau Rasa, chicken wings and choices of Rasa Bakery's favorite ice cream flavors, such as Royale Coconut (priced at Rp 27,500).

The Royale Coconut, which comes in a coconut bowl with fresh cut fruit, is a fun dessert to share with your loved ones while happily ending your Sunday brunch.

Do notice that Rasa Bakery encourages cash payment and thus only accepts credit cards for purchases above Rp 250,000.

Rasa Bakery is open daily from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Jawa Barat Travel Exchange (JTX) Increasing Tourist Arrivals

West Java Travel Exchange 2014 is expected to be able to increase the number of tourists and provide a great business opportunity for West Java. Meetings between service providers and buyers of this tour, can provide the accessibility to the tourism sector so that it would be more easily accessible by the public. 

"Welcome to all buyers and sellers who have participated in JTX this time. Through this event, we hope to feel the beauty of the atmospheric West Java, "said Vice Governor of West Java Mizwar Smith in a dinner event in West Java Travel Exchange, held at Aston Primera Hotel, Jakarta, Tuesday (20/5). 

Dedi explains Java West is a province located in the western part of the island of Java, which has an area of 30,000 km, 26 towns and a population of approximately 40 million, with the City of London as its capital. In addition, West Java, endowed with natural beauty and a wealth of art and culture that makes West Java as a tourist destination that attracts tourists. To promote the full potential of West Java, takes the promotion, one of which with the JTX organized. 

"We hope JTX not only contribute to increasing tourist traffic, can also further optimize other entrepreneurs tourism industry, so as to encourage the development of economic values ​​for the surrounding community , "he explained. 

Head of Tourism and Culture of West Java Drs. Nunung Sobari MM describes the promotion is an important word for the advancement of tourism in Indonesia as a whole. This is done consistently by ASITA, IHRA and all actors together Tourism Industry Department of Tourism and Culture of West Java West Java Travel through the Exchange. 

"With the campaign has been a continuous effort to form an" image "of West Java Travel Exchange as a media campaign for Tourism achievement in increasing the market share of tourists both foreign tourists like any archipelago as desired by many piha, "he said. Jawa Barat Travel Exchange, he added, has been considered the best promotional event at a national level. Thus, the stake holders in the tourism industry and foreign has been in routine to agendakan to be present every year. 

The integration of various sectors of work and full support from local and central government, a target for West Java Travel Exchange, is included in the fixed calendar, the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, promotion of domestic fields in planning every year at the national level and marketed on an international level. 

JTX event was attended by Deputy Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy of Indonesia Drs. Nirwandar SE and the chairman of the Tourist Association who are members of the Association of the Indonesian Tours and Travel Agencies (Asita). This event invites delegates from 9 countries, China, Thailand, South Korea, the Netherlands, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia. 

The event was also held in cooperation Disparbud Jabar, Asita, the Association of Indonesian Hotels and Restaurants, as well as airlines, Garuda Indonesia. While domestic buyers attended, Jakarta, Bali, Surabaya, Semarang, Solo, Yogyakarta, Medan, Padang, Palembang, Pekanbaru, Riau Islands / Batam, Balikpapan, Pontianak, Makassar, Manado and West Java.