Thursday, February 27, 2014

Kampung Daun Unique Romantic

Many tourist attractions in Bandung, Kampung Daun might be located in West Bandung regency that you must visit. In addition to interesting and intriguing name, Kampung Daun also offers many unique diversity, both cultural, natural and culinary.

Kampung Daun was once a small valley surrounded by hills and dense forests were "dead" and sandwiched between the two villages, the village Cihideung and Cigugur. However, Kampung Daun now transformed into a restaurant area that concept of natural and cultural.

The beginning of the tourist sites Kampung Daun began in 1999. Is tis making Kampung Daun became a culinary and cultural attractions in Bandung West by building four saung the menu served was simple, namely surabi and poffertjes.

Location Kampung Daun is in the residential Trinity, Lembang, West Bandung regency. The distance is about 4.7 kilometers from the main road and about Bajuri Sergeant, 12 kilometers from the city of Bandung, if pursued using two-or four-wheeled vehicles. Kampung Daun has an area of ​​about 3 hectares with a number of shacks or cottages Sunda as many as 57 pieces. While employee owned 185 people who came from residents who are able to serve the visitors on average per day 300's, and weekends usually reach 1500 peck.

Penungnjung who come to Kampung Daun will be presented with an attractive natural scenery. As Kampung Daun mengililingi hill decorated by bamboo forest. Moreover, all the way to Saung, fern type plants stand upright and neat add beauty Kampung Daun is. Meanwhile, Saung arranged in such a way with typical Sundanese culture and Sundanese music and waiters dressed in typical sunda add cultural value in Kampung Daun is. Not only the natural and cultural attraction, culinary presented is also quite interesting to be enjoyed.

With the concept of culture, the food typical of the region of West Java and other areas in Indonesia were also presented. For example Karedok, soto Betawi, soto holy, solo liwet rice, rice and more parahyangan liwet an interesting menu. In addition to serving local food is also available from outside Indonesia.

As for beverages served them bandrek, bajigur, wedang round, sekoteng, es cendol, ice cingcau and more of the relatively cheap price.

Artificial campfire

Kampung Daun may be the location if you want to enjoy the romantic side of Bandung at night. On the inside Kampung Daun we can see Bandung city panorama from the top. Dago hill location was fitting to see the beauty of the twinkling of London at night. Especially around Kampung Daun overgrown with large trees, the village-style atmosphere feels Sunda.

On the inside Kampung Daun there is also an artificial waterfall and artificial campfire. The waterfall was pointless to add coolness saung dining environment. While the pyre was made to resemble a campfire. The goal is of course to provide warmth for tourists who are enjoying the culinary specialties at Kampung Daun.

Kampung Daun is the right place for those fond culinary tour, taste the food and feel the atmosphere. Because, besides the place is quite beautiful and comfortable, also it was cool, there is a stream of water from the waterfall flows into the river at that location. When the night comes the torches (light) will be turned on, thus making the atmosphere becomes more romantic.

Kampung Daun Culture Gallery & Café

Jl. Sersan Bajuri Km 4,7 No. 88 – RR1, Bandung, West Java 40154

Phone : +62 22 2787915 or +62 22 2784572

Fax : +62 22 2787881

Open Daily :

Monday – Friday & Sunday : 11 am – 11 pm

Saturday & Public Holiday : 11 am – 12 pm

Monday, February 24, 2014

Dodol Garut

Dodol Garut is one of commodity has been able to raise the image of Garut Regency dodol as a producer of high-quality and diverse types of dodol. Dodol Garut is known by the taste and unique flexibility that is different from similar products from other regions

Dodol Garut have a different taste and able to compete with the type of dodol originating from other regions, the price is affordable and the food is very tune by the community, process is very simple and easy to obtain their raw materials, not use the preservative and additional synthetic food, resistance has a very long time (3 months).

This Commodity developed with easy to modify the main raw materials by using materials other groud fruits, potatoes, beans, papaya, pineapple, soursop and others. The most famous brands are 'Picnic' and 'Olympic'.